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Trendsium™-Premium Outdoor Stove

Premium Outdoor Stove

“This little stove made our latest camping trip a breeze. It boiled 4 cups of water in less than 5 minutes and kept a strong flame going to cook our food afterward. The best thing is how little space it takes up. We didn't even need to bring a can of fuel."

JJSR.✅ Verified Purchaser

 The Ultimate Space Saving Outdoor Stove


Being stuck inside has been the reality of many. Not being able to get outdoors and go for a tramp, picnic, or even the ability to go camping has been tough.  As the opportunity arises for you to finally connect with the outdoors, making sure you have an outdoor cooker that is durable, convenient, and fun to use is crucial.

The Deluxe Outdoor Stove is the ideal cooker for your outdoor needs. Made with 100% stainless steel, uniquely designed detachable sections, and extremely portable, you can be confident knowing you'll be easily cooking your meals as you reconnect with nature and have some fun on your outdoor adventures.




How the Deluxe Outdoor Stove will Change Your Life



The Deluxe Outdoor Stove weighs just over a pound and can be disassembled into a small mesh carry bag. Freeing up space, you can conveniently pack this cooker into your backpack without weighing you down.




Equipped with multiple air intake vents at the base, creating efficient air uptake results in a faster fire. This creates a quick heating effect allowing you to save time while preparing and cooking your outdoor meals.




Made with 100% high-quality stainless steel corrosion-resistant and can handle those high cooking temperatures. You can be confident knowing you have a cooker that will endure the rigors of outdoor cooking. 



Combined with 4 independent detachable sections,foldable pan stands, and easily disassembled, the Deluxe Outdoor Stove is extremelyportable. This means you can easily use it in various outdoor environmentswhether you are camping, tramping, or going on a picnic. 





The Deluxe Outdoor Stove uses wood as its fuel. You can alsoconveniently convert the stove to use solid alcohol as an alternative fuel source. You can have peace of mind knowing that you will never run out of an option tofuel your outdoor stove and cook your outdoor meals!





We know whats it's like when you're getting ready to go on your outdoor adventure, and you are really feeling the pressure to fit your sleeping bag, mattress, clothing, utensils, and food all into your backpack, let alone wondering how you're going to pack your cooker.

While other camping cookers are bulky and rely solely on wood or gas as their only fuel source, the Deluxe Outdoor Stove uses both wood and solid alcohol.  Combined with its uniquely designed detachable sections, stainless steel construction, and incredible durability, you can be confident knowing that you'll be able to conveniently cook those awesome meals as you connect with nature, have fun and enjoy your outdoor adventures!


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