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Trendsium™ Posture Saving Laptop Stand


I got everything that I wanted after I bought this laptop stand. This one has anti-scratch protection so I don’t have to worry with my new laptop, it’s really foldable and portable perfect for those who study in different places (it fits perfectly in my laptop case) and the main reason that made me buy this product was to reduce my neck pain. Now I can work and study all day in front of my laptop in a comfortable position."

Eduardo, M.✅ Verified Purchaser


The Sturdiest Posture Saving Laptop Stand You'll Ever Need!


Problems with your back, neck, shoulders, aches, and pains can be traced back to poor posture. If you work behind a desk on a laptop for long periods of time and are a serial sloucher, you could end up with long-term damage to your joints which could impact your mobility and overall health.

The Portable Laptop stand is an ergonomically designed device that has 6 levels of adjustment helping you correct your posture and relieve pressure on your joints while working. Combined with anti-slip pads protecting your desktop and ultra-portable you to can conveniently take it wherever go!




How The Posture Saving Laptop Stand Will Change Your Life 



The Posture Saving Laptop Stand comes with a unique six-level ergonomic design allowing you to adjust the stand to your preferred incline. This helps to improve your posture and lead to reduced neck pain, wrist pain, and back pain




Weighing only .08 pounds, the Posture Saving Laptop Stand folds down to the size of a ruler. Easily disassembled you can conveniently place it in your laptop bag or backpack and take it wherever you go


Made with high-quality aluminum alloy, the Posture Saving Laptop Stand has been uniquely designed with a maximum holding weight of up to 176 pounds. Attached with non-slip pads you can be confident that your laptop will remain secure while protecting your desktop surface




Supporting a wide range of laptops from MacBooks, Air Pro's, Chromebooks, or Ipads ranging from 10 - 16 inches in size, the Posture Saving Laptop Stand allows you the flexibility to use the right device to comfortably meet your needs. 




Equipped with a brilliant hollow cooling design that increases airflow and quickly dissipates heat you can be assured knowing that your laptop will stay cool when in use



We know what it's like working long hours in front of a laptop, participating in long Zoom meetings, and feeling pressured to meet that deadline. Before you know it hours have passed and if your posture is incorrect your joints, back, neck and shoulders could be aching potentially causing long-term damage to your health.
While some laptop stands have clunkybases, the Posture Saving Laptop Stand is easily disassembled for portability, with 6 adjustable ergonomically designed settings, and is incredibly sturdy. You can be confident knowing that you have the best device to support and improve your posture while working. 

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