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Trendsium™-F1 RC Racing Car For Kids

 "WOW! My kid is so into it! He loves how the car needs to be built from scratch! And then the VROOM sound… it gets to him every time! Love watching my kid play happily especially during these homebound days”


Sandra P- ✅ Verified Purchaser


Give your kid a chance to build their own Formula 1 Car and become a racing champion!


Remember when you were growing up and how you would spend hours using your imagination to make things or build toys with your family and friends. Whether you knew it or not creating, building, and playing developed skills and memories that would last a lifetime.

Pass on the opportunity to your kids to experiencethe same cool memories you did with the F1 RC Racing Car.  With 729 pieces, the F1 RC Racing Car comes disassembled, ready to give your kids the chance to piece it together while at the same time, develop spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and stimulate creativity.




  Reasons Why the F1 RC Racing Car Will Change Your Life



The  F1 RC Racing Car is super-fun to put together. There’s a stonking 729 pieces, which means there’s a lot to learn. Your kid will have a great time working with every component and develop their mechanical skills from a very early age. 




Help your kids grow and develop key life skills. Professor Jeffrey Goldstein, a child psychologist at the University of Utrecht says, “There’s no other activity that develops their language, spatial awareness, social & communication skills and physical abilities in such a prolonged way





While the F1 RC Racing Car is pretty creative in itself when it comes to piecing all of the components together. Building it invokes your little one’s brain centers to improvise,giving them the ability to use their imagination to create new racing tracks anywhere. Got two kids? Get one for both and watch them compete in nail-biting races





A perfect way for you to spend quality time with your kids and create some great memories. This not only grows a deeper bond with your child but researchers have found when parents play with their kids it develops cognitive and leadership skills





The F1 RC Racing Car comes with a high-end remote to give your child total control over the car. While the controller itself is pretty easy to operate, it’s sure to excite your kid with so many options. There’s a joystick, a steering wheel, as well as a reverse option for a comprehensive driving experience.




We understand that keeping your kids entertained can be difficult. They can easily get bored and it can be hard finding things to do with your kids that can be both fun and educational.

While other model cars have one motor and complicated app remote controls the F1 RC Racing Car has two motors and, an easy-to-use remote control. With a whopping 729 pieces ready to be assembled the F1 RC Racing Car helps develop hand-eye coordination, stimulates creativity, and will keep your kids entertained for hours.   


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For ages: 6+

Parental guidance recommended